Albert Gustav Bunge Enamel Pendant 1950's

Albert Gustav Bunge Enamel Pendant 1950's

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An enamel on brass pendant by Albert Gustav Bunge, circa 1950's, decorated with two fish in mustard and turquoise enamel, hung on leather thong.
The reverse stamped BUNGE. In excellent condition.

4.5cm diam

A.G. Bunge was a German metalworker and enamel artist best known for his elegantly crafted bracelets, plates, cups, book ends, and other household objects. Throughout his oeuvre, Bunge combined utilitarian properties of design with decorative depictions of colorful, geometric shapes and stylized animals. Born on July 15, 1893 in Rathenow, Germany, he went on to serve in World War I and permanently disfigure his hand following a combat injury. After the war, he attended the Munich Art Academy, and in 1922 Bunge and his colleague founded the Society for Applied Art. By 1925, he had established his own metal shop in Emmmering, Germany, and throughout the 1930s would work more with enamel and collaborate with the noted enamel painter Lily Koebner-Linke. His goals were similar to the Bauhaus school’s philosophy of merging and blurring the line between art and life, approaching his studio with holistic and comprehensive practice. Bunge on died on April 2, 1967 in Salzburg, Austria