Fine Quality Georgian Cut Steel Bracelet

Fine Quality Georgian Cut Steel Bracelet

Code: 11388


A rare Georgian cut steel bracelet, circa 1780 - 1800, with oval plaque sections centrally set with a facetted polished cut steel oval surrounded by smaller circular sections of facetted cut steel, each section riveted into place on to a backplate and the plaques joined by links, the clasp in the form of a larger oval section of the same design with a central navette shaped section.

This is a rare, fine quality bracelet. The 'studs' have a high number of facets and being riveted on to a backplate is an indicator of its age and quality - generally the higher number of facets and the smaller the individual 'studs' the earlier the date of the piece. 

Similar pieces of cut steel jewellery have been attributed to Mathew Boulton. One of the most famous makers of decorative metalwork, Matthew Boulton had workshops in London and Birmingham, producing pieces of the finest quality. It is thought that it would take one individual two weeks to produce a pair of quality cut steel shoe buckles.