Cairoware Mamluk Revival Pierced Brass Floor Lamp

Cairoware Mamluk Revival Pierced Brass Floor Lamp

Code: 11303


H: 135cm (53.1")W: 45cm (17.7")D: 45cm (17.7")


A fine 19th century Cairoware Mamluk revival Islamic brass floor lamp, probably of Syrian or Egyptian craftsmanship for the Persian market, with ornate and intricate overall pierced and engraved decoration of spiralling Persian calligraphic bands and cartouches within multiple cross-hatched borders.

In very good overall condition. The sectional construction with old lead solder repairs, the flaring rim section is removable and interestingly has an idiosyncratic internal support/repair using a section of the aluminium casing of a vintage Type 155 rocket (probably from the 1960's or 70's).    

The lamp would originally been for use with candles, this example has not been converted for electricity.