Life Size Brass Rubbing Plaque of Sir Thomas Bullen

Life Size Brass Rubbing Plaque of Sir Thomas Bullen

Code: 11466


H: 177cm (69.7")W: 61cm (24")


A life size brass rubbing plaque of Sir Thomas Bullen, made from cold cast resin, dating from the 1960's/70's. 
Depicted wearing the collar, mantle, garter, badge and hood of the Order of the Garter with his feet resting on a gryphon.

This is an exact replica of the brass of the tomb of Sir Thomas Bullen in St Peter’s Church, Hever.

Mounted on a wooden backboard with a plaque at the bottom with the inscription:

Sir Thomas Bullen 153AD
Hever Kent England
Knight of the Order of The Garter
Grandfather of Elizabeth I of England and
Father of Anne Boleyn Queen of Henry VIII 

Brass rubbing was a very popular pastime in the 1960's and 1970's which led to many plaques slowly being worn away by the rubbing process.  In many cases creating rubbings was banned and as a consequence replicas of original brass plaques became a prime source for brass rubbings.