Rare MIM Emmanuel Steinback Roman Lead Figures

Rare MIM Emmanuel Steinback Roman Lead Figures

Code: 11394


A rare MIM (Maximus in Minimus) Roman figures boxed set made by Belgian manufacturer Emmanuel Steinback between 1935 - 1948.  

The set includes the finely finished historical figures that MIM specialised in, comprising no. 50 Legionnaire Romain, no. 51 Centurion Romain, no. 52 Velite Romain, no. 68, no. 61 Legat Legionnaire Romain mounted figure. 

The four standing figures are still tied with their original thread into the box, the archer, standard bearer and legionnaire have bends to their 'weapons' (I have not attempted to straighten these), the mounted figure and horse are detached from the original threads. There are some very minor chips to the paintwork and the box is distressed. There is a slight difference in the paint colour on the horse's tail, which indicates it may have been re-stuck.