18th Century Portrait of The Hon. Rev Robert Booth

18th Century Portrait of The Hon. Rev Robert Booth

Code: 12256


H: 93cm (36.6")W: 48cm (18.9")


English School, circa 1730, Portrait of The Honourable Reverend Robert Booth, seated half-length, oil on canvas, within a 19th century gilt frame and bearing the inscription:

"The Hon.ble & Rev.d. ROBT BOOTH D.D. fifth son of GEORGE LLOYD DELAMER by Elizabeth his second wife Daughter of ye Rt first Earl of Stamford. Nat 1666, Augst 8th 1740"

Robert Booth (1662–1730), was an aristocratic 18th-century Anglican priest, he served as Archdeacon of Durham from 1691 and also as Dean of Bristol from 1708. He is buried at Bristol Cathedral.

This portrait was posthumously painted given the acronym DD appearing after his name on the portrait.

Although not recently, the canvas has been restored and relined, There is a run in the varnish at the centre top of the canvas.