James Gillray 'The Cow Pock' Satirical Engraving

James Gillray 'The Cow Pock' Satirical Engraving

Code: 10716

James Gillray 'The Cow Pock, or The Wonderful Effects of the New Innoculation! - Vide.' The Publication of Ye Anti Vaccine Society.  Published June 12th 1902 by H. Humphrey, St. James's Street. 

A satirical cartoon with a medical theme showing Edward Jenner inoculating a woman against smallpox.

This is a later H. Bohn impression from circa 1847, taken from the original plates with 'The PIC-NIC ORCHESTRA' verso.  Plates no. 519 & 517 respectively.

Condition: Faded with plate line of verso image showing on the left hand side.  PIC-NIC ORCHESTRA badly dis-coloured.

Image size: 26cm x 36cm (not including mount or frame) with wide borders to the plate.