Atelier D'art De Rambouillet Gobelins Tapestry

Atelier D'art De Rambouillet Gobelins Tapestry

Code: 11805


H: 200cm (78.7")W: 226cm (89")


A French 'Editions D'Art de Rambouillet', 'LA PAYE DES MOISSONNEURS' (paying the harvesters). A vintage woven flax tapestry after the early 16th century Flemish original in the Gobelins Museum, Paris.  This example is no. 12 out of a limited edition. 

The tapestry is one of a series of twelve depicting the months of the year.  The scene depicts farmers after the harvest, a woman in the foreground seated under a tree, paying the reapers after their work, within a border of fruiting vines containing portrait medallions.  

Atelier de Rambouillet are world renowned for their reproduction of famous antique tapestries. The process for creating the tapestries is very complex and labour intensive with a certain amount of hand finishing, making each one essentially unique. The original design is initially reproduced full size onto cardboard. Separate films for each of the colours of the tapestry are then hand-drawn, the process taking six to nine months. When the drawn films are complete, they are arranged on a frame and coated with gelatin to proceed to the imprinting process which produces any number of screens required to print the various colours on the tapestry. The process is so meticulous it leaves a perfect reproduction of the original piece. 

Bearing label to the reverse explaining the history of the tapestry with the signatures of A. Demay and C. Boitard who developed the process. Numbered 12 in red. These tapestries were originally produced in France but in recent years production has moved to Italy.