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Daumont - Hand-Coloured Optical Print of Pont de Trenite, Florence


Code: 10704

Jean Francois Daumont - Vue Perspective du Pont de la Trenite de Florence, hand-coloured engraving, published by Daumont, Paris, circa 1780, hand-coloured engraving.

A 'vue d'optique' of Holy Trinity Bridge, Florence, viewed from Ponte Vecchio. This rare type of print was designed to be looked at through an optical device which made the print appear three dimensional.

Within a good quality 20th Century burr walnut frame with beaded borders.

Plate size: 28cm x 44cm (48cm x 68cm including frame)

Condition: Tear to centre left of plate, evidence of old creasing which has caused some rubbing to the paint at the top of the plate.