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Antique Silver Repousse Silver Rose Bowl with a Hunting Scene


Code: 11487


H: 17cm (6.7")W: 21cm (8.3")

An Antique Indian silver pedestal rose bowl, circa 1880, probably made in Lucknow, India, with repousse and chased decoration of a hunting scene.  The continuous landscape scene features figures with guns in a howdah riding on the back of an elephant, other figures on horseback with bows and arrows and hunters with hounds on foot hunting tigers, boar and deer, within a landscape with palm trees. one side with an initialled cartouche within multiple beaded borders, lappets to the bottom section and raised on a pedestal foot with lappet decoration.

17cm high x 21cm diam. 698 grammes.

Condition: The botton rim of the foot is folded under and there are multiple pinprick polishing holes on the repousse high points.