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Movie Prop Coffer from the Iconic 1963 Film 'Cleopatra'


Code: 11718

'Cleopatra' - A movie prop Egyptian style coffer from the 20th Century Fox, 1963, film epic 'Cleopatra' starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. 

This coffer is one of possibly three of the same design used in the film. This example can be seen being carried on to Cleopatra's barge on her departure from Rome after the death of Caesar. A pair of coffers of the same design, but a different colourway, were used in the end scene of the film when a handmaid takes an asp out of one of the coffers to aid Cleopatra's suicide. 

Made from painted pine and bent ply with composition appliqués.

93cm high max, 161cm long and 81cm deep including overhang on the lid.